On 20.9.2017 the student scientific conference, which is entitled “Communication and Knowledge, was held in the premises of the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, UWB in Pilsen. The aim of the conference was to connect doctoral students, postdoctoral students, and master’s students with an interest in combining communication, knowledge and new technologies. The main topics of the conference were: the circulation of knowledge and its influence on the formation of science and knowledge in the Renaissance and modern times; history of communication media; the importance of the Renaissance correspondence network; correspondence and Renaissance literary culture; poetic works as communication media in the Renaissance period; the problem of identity in today’s communication society in the context of new technologies; new technologies as a means of communication in art and relevant topics. 

The plenary lecture on the topic of the Dispute over Positivism and Communication Failure in the German Philosophy of Science was given by Mgr. Jitka Paitlova, Ph.D. The introductory lecture was followed by individual papers, while the morning program focused more on the history of communication and knowledge. The first lecture was presented by Mgr. Michal Mudroch (KU in Ružomberok), who introduced to the audience the person of the Inventor Josef Murgaš (1864 – 1929). After him, Mgr. Kristýna Vozková (UWB) acquainted students with the topic of Communication and Language in the work of José Ortega y Gasset. The morning block was closed by Mgr. Šárka Fleischmannová (UWB) with a paper on Communication between Philip Sidney and Tadeáš Hájek from Hájek. The afternoon lectures were marked by new technologies and current trends in the research field. The first paper, which is entitled The Paradox of Scientific Hyperproductivity: Changes in Publishing Practice in the Conditions of Digital Capitalis, was given by Mgr. Libor Benda, Ph.D. She was followed by Mgr. Petra Borovská (UWB) with the topic of Self-Concept in the Virtual World and by the lecture of Synesthesia and Virtual Art by Mgr. Zdenka Spiclova (UWB). Mgr. Nicole Fišerová (UWB) spoke on Goodman’s concept of world creation in the context of new technologies. The conference was closed by IngJan Zeman with a presentation on Modern Fundamentals of Geometry. 

Thanks to these various topics, the conference contributed to the creation of new stimuli and young researchers had the opportunity to present their work’s results in a pleasant, intimate environment. Therefore the conference had an interdisciplinary overlap and, thanks to the participation of foreign colleagues, it also had an international character. This fulfilled the main goal of the conference, i.e. support young researchers. This goal was achieved at two levels, on the one hand through the contributions of doctoral students and master’s students, and, on the other hand at the level of young researchers.